WebGIFT is an implementation of the Geospatial Intermodal Freight Transportation (GIFT) model. GIFT has been used by policy analysts to assess the environmental, energy, and economic impact of freight transportation [1-3]. WebGIFT makes the basic functionality of GIFT available on the Web.

WebGIFT is used to find multimodal transportation routes (road, rail, and water) that minimize alternate criteria, including, travel time, travel distance, or emissions of CO2, NOx, and particulate matter. WebGIFT combines a model of the multimodal transportation network with a model of the energy consumed and pollutants emitted by operating vehicles (trucks, trains, and marine vessels). The vehicle energy and emissions calculator, called EmissionsCalc, is available as an integrated tool to allow the analyst to specify the configuration of a truck, train, or marine vessel that differs from those available in the WebGIFT vehicle library.

To use WebGIFT, the policy analyst selects route origin and destination locations, selects desired configurations of truck, train, and vessel, selects route optimization factors, then submits a route solver request to the WebGIFT server. After analyzing the transportation network, the WebGIFT server responds by displaying the optimal routes and providing tools to analyze and compare the route results.

For further information about WebGIFT and EmissionsCalc, send an email to 'webgift-contact (at) lists.rit.edu'. For information about how to use WebGIFT and EmissionsCalc, see the user guide

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Go to Rochester Institute of Technology WebGIFT and EmissionsCalc development was funded by the Great Lakes Maritime Research Institute under grant DTMA1G10001 and the US Department of Transportation Maritime Administration under grants DTMA1H10008 and DTMA1H050003-0005. Go to University of Delaware