The Multi-Modal Energy and Emissions Calculator is a tool that computes consumed energy and produced emissions for trucks, trains, and marine vessels used in freight transportation. It uses fundamental concepts about fuel (energy density, carbon content, sulfur content, etc.), engine efficiency, engine load (cargo capacity, etc.),and emissions control technologies to compute the emissions expected from operating that vehicle for freight transportation.
The calculator can be used in a number of tasks to provide understanding and comparison of freight transportation options. Here are some example uses:
   * Specify the fuel, engine, capacity, and other characteristics of a vehicle and compute its energy and emissions.
   * Select different vehicles and modes from a library of defined trucks, trains, and marine vessels and compare their energy and emissions performance.
   * Understand the performance impact of modifying a given vehicle: Select a vehicle and modify various combinations of its engine/load, fuel, cargo, or emissions controls technologies and compare the result with the initial vehicle selected and with other combinations of vehicle changes.
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